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Balloons + Backdrops

Our Luxury brand allows us to create extravagant balloon decor designs that compliment and enhance celebrations of all kinds.

Please scroll down and click the button below if you are only interested in balloon decor and not Luxe Play.

Wooden Chiara Backdrop 6Ft

Wooden Chiara Backdrops. Sizes: 5ft, 6ft and 7ft.  

Half Chiara Backdrops. 6ft and 7ft.

Half Wooden Chiara Backdrops. Sizes: 5ft, 6ft and 7ft.

Grass Chiara

Grass Chiara Backdrop 4ft wide and 6ft tall.

Grass Backdrop comes in 2 sizes.

Grass Backdrop x's 2 at 4ft wide 7ft tall OR book them together 8ft wide 7ft tall.

Wicker Chair Rental

Wicker Chair

Wedding Balloon Arch

Balloon Arch. Comes in all sizes. Arch in photo is 8ft wide 8ft tall.

Click here for balloon decor and backdrop rentals only.

Balloon Garlands
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